You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It!

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Ann Arbor Transmissions:

The customer service at Ann Arbor Transmissions is amazing! They are very easy to talk to and treat you with respect. The work is done quickly and efficiently. Ron is awesome and I will tell everyone to take their business there.

Rachel M.

Great place fast and friendly!

Robert W.

Very happy with the service provided here on my BMW. While working on my car they always call and let me know if they found something else along the way they believe needs to be fixed and give me an estimate right then. Honest, friendly and prices are reasonable.

Courtney P.

I've had two great experiences with this business thus far - I can say with confidence that they are now my go-to auto shop in town. My 10-year-old car has had repeated issues with its air conditioning over the years, and after multiple visits, another place in town just couldn't figure out what was going on. The folks here had it figured out right away and were really fair with their analysis and estimate. Recently, I wanted to see if my car had more life in it or if it was time to start hunting for a new vehicle. After a very fairly-priced examination of my car, a number of reasonable issues were resolved at what I felt was a fair and reasonable price. They even left my car inside the shop over the weekend while I was out - super impressed by their service!

Meredith N.

Fair price, good timeline, friendly service. No complaints.

Hunter C.

EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE!!! Very communicative, knowledgeable, honest. Brought my car here after a $3,600.00 estimate for a trans rebuild at another center. Tom called and gave their insight, which turned out to be the answer. They saved me 2,600.00!!!! Respect the fact that he explained everything honestly and kept me aprized of cost changes, parts delays, etc.. Wonderful to find a service center that does business honestly, efficiently and delivers what they promise. I will recommend them and continue service needs here on my car. Thank you Ann Arbor Transmission!!!

Cindy S.

Honest staff. Great customer service. I am very happy with the work I had done here.

Josh L.

One time I had just bought my 2nd car ever putting down 8k on it and still paying it off monthly. A few months in my whole transmission blew. I was a student at EMU and had no other funds until the semester started and my graduate assistant money kicked in. They let me bring the car in over the summer and gave me a new transmission. Gave me warranty (even though it never needed any additional repairs). And pay them off and retrieve when my funds from school came in!! They were super honest and helped me so much!!

Caleb V.

Happy to support this locally owned shop. I've had plenty of work done there and they always charge a fair price and do a great job.

Kyah D.

Truly professional service w/ a family style customer service approach. Over the past 8 years I've had 5 different vehicles serviced by AAT. I have nothing but good things to say about their service, kindness & price. They stored a vehicle for over 2 months (no charge) while I (and them) looked for a new engine. I had 3 occasions where they looked at the vehicle & spent a lot of time & effort only to find out the repair needed was something only a dealership could handle. Again, no charge for all their efforts. They have provided unique transportation assistance while my vehicle was getting repaired. I have recommended them to my family and many friends.

Chris V.